Sciene Fair by USTH and IBM Vietnam


On the morning of October 30th, 2016, University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH) cooperated with International Machine Business Vietnam (IBM) to hold the Science Fair for children with financial need from Bac Ninh province. The Science Day was successfully held with the participation of more than 15 USTH students and IBM volunteers, doing scientific experiments.

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University of Science and Technology of Hanoi's students at IBM Vietnam's office


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Sciene Fair hosted by USTH and IBM Vietnam

The Science fair started with the show of NAO which is a personalizable and interactive robot. NAO was programmed to sing, dance and to interact with young children.

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NAO Robot setting up


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Student Nguyen Thanh Tung explained to young children the operational principles of NAO Robot

In addition to the show of NAO robot, USTH student introduced some LEGO Model to the children to show how they were applied in the reality.

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Following the introduction of LEGO Model, children were introduced with Telescope and shared with space and aeronautic information. They also joined the Q&A session and received small gifts from USTH students.


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"How many planets are there in the solar system?", student Lan Anh asked


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At the end of the Science Day, children were told a story of how the earth was formed. After that, under the instruction of USTH students, children performed the experiment of volcanoes, lava lamp and melted ice.

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Young children explained how rained was formed


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Fossil samples made by USTH students


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Students explained the creation principles of Volcano


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The Science Day was concluded with the excitement from all participants and IBM Vietnam and USTH hoped to have many useful events like this in the future.

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