UIU’s Mission

Wednesday - 07/06/2017 03:40

UIU is a sort of “idea box” to propose solutions for expanding USTH to its future size. Its main task is planning for the future, i.e. preparing the birth of the future “full size” USTH.

We work with USTH services, Rector, Vice-Rectors, Director General of Services, Director of Research, etc… under the authority of the Project Management Unit (PMU-USTH) under Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam, the useful advice of the French Embassy (France supports and finances part of the project), and that of the Consortium of 40 French Universities who participate in teaching and research. To implement our ideas, we have to request approbation of the Asian Development Bank who granted a loan to Vietnam for the creation and building of USTH.

UIU has competencies in administration, financing, accounting, procurement, higher education teaching/training, research, organization, equality and non-discrimination, but we need to recruit future consultants who will help us design the future university structures and develop competencies for teaching, training, research, administration, governance. For this, they will organize training of academics, technical and administrative staff to these new tasks and responsibilities. Current personnel and future staff will benefit from these training sessions and opening career opportunities.

We meet every week to exchange and improve our ideas and projects and we currently are:

  • Managing and implementing the gender equality program, the scholarship plan
  • Preparing the work with future architects by proposing organisation of the future university structures in its buildings
  • Establishing specific features, facilities and constraints of the future research laboratories
  • Managing finance, procurement and accounting for our operations as well as all associated administrative tasks
  • etc…..

We are a true team! And we are proud of being one of the task forces in charge of this exciting and important project.