USTH Alumni Association Constitution



Section 1 – This organization (hereinafter referred to as the “Alumni Association”) shall be known as the follows:
– Official name: Hội Cựu Sinh Viên Trường Đại Học Khoa Học và Công Nghệ Hà Nội
– Foreign name: The University of Science and Technology of Hanoi Alumni Association
– Abbreviated name: USTH Alumni Association, or USTHAA

Section 2 – The Alumni Association has its own logo and membership card. The issuance and management of the membership card shall be regulated by the provisions of the Alumni Association.


The purposes of the Alumni Association shall be to:
1. Strengthen the ties between students who have attended courses at the USTH
2. Utilize alumni resources to promote student academic development and career opportunities.
3. Establish relationship between the USTH, as well as its students with other universities, colleges, and associations.
4. Support the USTH’s development activities.
5. Provide a framework for alumni with common interests to meet formally or informally for educational, professional, and/or social purposes.
6. Support efforts to enhance the USTH enrollments.
7. Being a forum in exchange information with alumni associations of other universities.


Section 1 – All persons who have earned and received an academic or honorary degree from the USTH;
Section 2 – To accede the Alumni Association, a person shall have to register using the online registration form which can be downloaded from the USTH Alumni Association website at, or can register directly at
Section 3 – Member shall be entitled to:
1. Access into the USTH’s network of student and alumni for educational, professional, and/or social purposes;
2. Access into the USTH’s library resources (including e-library);
3. Receive invitations to the USTH’s workshops, clinics, and other academic activities;
4. Receive invitations to the USTH’s entertainment and sport events;
5. Participate in all of the activities and programs carried out by the Alumni Association.
6. Nominate and elect members of the Executive Committee of the Alumni Association.


Section 1 – The management of the affairs of the Alumni Association shall be vested in the Executive Committee of the Alumni Association (hereinafter referred to as “the Committee”). The Committee shall be nominated and elected by all of the members of the Alumni Association.

Section 2 – The Committee shall be established and organized in accordance with the following structure:

1. The Head of Committee: overseeing and managing all of the activities of the Alumni Association, and shall report directly to the Management Board of the USTH. Once elected, the Head of Committee shall serve for a terms of 3 years.
2. The Sub-committees, each managed by a member appointed by the Committee (the “Officer”) , and shall not be limited in terms of its members, including the follows:
a. Sub-committee of Information, having responsibility to:
i. Design official website of the Alumni Association, and to maintain/update the information therein;
ii. Establish connection with the press and other external resources;
iii. Design media kit and mailing list.
b. Sub-committee of General Affairs, having responsibility to:
i. Plan and implement activities of the Alumni Association;
ii. Plan and implement funding program for the Alumni Association.
c. Sub-committee of Finance:
i. Oversee the operation fund and private funds contributed by the members of the Alumni Association and other persons/ organizations;
ii. Report on the receivings/spendings in accordance with regulations of the Alumni Association.
3. The Assistant for Alumni Relations of USTH, being an employee of the USTH, shall be responsible for:
i. Carrying out the day-to-day operation of the programs and affairs of the Alumni Association;
ii. Assisting the Executive Committee; and
iii. Serving as a non-voting member of the Executive Committee

Section 3 – The duties of the Executive Committee shall be:
1. To foster and support the mission and preamble of the Alumni Association;
2. To adopt its bylaws;
3. To elect the Head of Committee and the Officer;
4. To regulate the accession and termination/withdrawal of membership;
5. To formulate policies and programs to carry out the mission of the Alumni.


Section 1 – The operation fund of the Alumni Association shall be comprised of the following receivings – spendings:
1. Receivings, including incomes from:
a. Funding activities carried out by the Alumni Association;
b. Sponsorship, backer, contribution, gift… given by its members and other persons/ organizations.
2. Spendings, including the expenses for workshop, meetings, research, visitings, scholarship,… and other activities carried out by the Alumni Association

Section 2 – The operation fund shall be approved by the Head of Committee and shall be overseen by the Sub-committee of Finance.


These bylaws may be amended by submitting a proposed amendment to the Alumni Committee at least 30 days prior to a vote to amend. A majority vote of the Committee is required to adopt the amendment.

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