“I am stronger, bolder and every ready to realize my dreams, given the support from USTH,” said Nga


When her family members were stricken in a severe traffic disaster back in Feb 2014, in which 2 were killed and 2 badly injured with unrecoverable aftermaths, Nga was so painful and yet had to take care of family affairs. The young girl left USTH to return home in central Vietnam, just to find her paternal grandpa passing away less than 3 months after the tragedy and a loan of more than VND800 million. She spent 2 months struggling and started thinking of giving up her studies, to find a job and to support her injured mom and elder sister.

But, she was not alone in her fight: USTH raised a campaign of support, and a big sum of money was collected and given to her, to ease her taking care of the injured, and to bring her back to school soon after that.

Nga also made huge efforts herself to get back to USTH, finish her bachelor course and even to take the postgraduate program.

“I am so grateful and would like to convey my most sincere thanks to the USTH Board of Rectorate, my lecturers, the staff and my friends who have always been beside supporting me when I was in the worst situation! I will never forget and will try to pay them back somehow, cause without them, their hugs and smiles, their instruction and help, I cannot be the me of today, much bolder, stronger and ready to realize my dreams!

One of the 2 student members of USTH Senate, the short-sighted Nga is taking a trip to Belgium which spans from August 2015-July 2016, and she’s now there settling down and getting ready to make the most of the opportunity.


USTH wishes that Nga will have the best study results, enjoy her time in the beautiful country of Belgium, and above all, always makes the most of the foundation that USTH has provided for her!

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