“I am now much more confident, dynamic and mature, thanks to USTH!”, said Hiền Lương


That is what Nguyễn Hiền Lương, a former gen 1 student of Phamarcological, Medical and Agronomical Biotechnology of USTH, who recently completed her pharmacy master programme in University of Lyon (France), shared when asked about the role of USTH in her personal and professional development.

Luong has been studying cancer, which has always been her professional interest, and confirmed: “Why can’t women become scientists and researchers, in pursuit of their own interest?” The 4 years she spent at USTH have, according to Luong, been enabling her to master modern methods of scientific research, improve her skills to be most adaptive to the working environment in France, and equip herself with so much more than knowledge.

Quite excited to learn that USTH is celebrating its 5th anniversary in mid October, Luong made a video clip from Lyon which is her present to the institution.


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