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Full Name
Dr. Nguyen Van Quynh
Education & Professional Qualification
Research Interests
Surface modification, Electrochemistry, Biosensor, Plasmonic and active plasmon devices, micro/nano fabrication...
Lecturing fields
Materials Science and Nanotechnology
Selected publications

(01) Nguyen, V. Q.; Schaming, D.; Tran, D.L; Lacroix, L.-C. Fabrication of ordered nanoporous thin films by nanosphere lithography and diazonium electroreduction: a simple and rapid method for the elaboration of ultra-micro-electrode arrays. Journal of ChemElectroChem 2016 (Accepted)

(02) Nguyen, V. Q.; Sun, X.; Lafolet, F.; Audibert, J.-F.; Miomandre, F.; Lemercier, G.; Loiseau, F.; Lacroix, J.-C. Unprecedented Self-Organized Monolayer of a Ru(II) Complex by Diazonium Electroreduction. Journal of the American Chemical Society 138, 9381-9384, (2016)

(03) Nguyen, V.-Q., Schaming, D., Martin, P. & Lacroix, J.-C. Comparing plasmonic electrodes prepared by electron-beam lithography and electrochemical reduction of an Au(III) salt: application in active plasmonic devices, Adv. Nat. Sci: Nanosci. Nanotechnol. 7, 015005, (2016)

(04) Nguyen, V.-Q., Schaming, D., Martin, P. & Lacroix, J.-C. Highly Resolved Nanostructured PEDOT on Large Areas by Nanosphere Lithography and Electrodeposition. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 7, 21673-21681, (2015).

(05) Nguyen, V.-Q., Schaming, D., Martin, P. & Lacroix, J.-C. Large-area plasmonic electrodes and active plasmonic devices generated by electrochemical processes. Electrochimica Acta 179, 282-287, (2015).