Profile Staff

Full Name
PhD. Nguyen Trinh Hoang Anh
Education & Professional Qualification
PhD in Energy Economics
Research Interests
Energy modelling and simulation, energy economics and policy, low carbon energy technologies
Lecturing fields
Introduction to Renewable energy, Environmental and Natural resources Economics, Scientific Writing and Communication
Selected publications
1. “Renewable energy based Microgrids: Sustainable energy solutions for off-grid communities”, The First Renewable Energy of Vietnam, November 2016 (lead-author)

2. “Institutional change for wind power development in Vietnam”, Asian alumni meeting on Resilient energy systems, May 2016, Bandung – Indonesia (lead-author) (

3. “Bio-electricity Deployment as a Key to Lower Carbon Energy Future in Vietnam: SWOT Analysis and Energy Scenario Approach”, BIO/ICT - Asia Workshop – May 2016, Malaysia (lead-author)

4. “Economics and Institutional Change of Low Carbon Electricity Development: A Case of the Power Sector of Vietnam”; 12th International Conference of the Western Economic Association International, Jan 2016, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (lead-author)

5. “Low carbon scenario for Vietnam’s power sector: Energy efficiency and externality approach”, Greater Mekong Science and Research Network International Journal, Dec 2015. (lead-author)