Profile Staff

Full Name
PhD. Le Hong Luyen
Education & Professional Qualification
PhD. at Univeristy Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France
Research Interests
Bioactive compounds, extraction, pharmacokinetic properties, LC-MS
Lecturing fields
Bioanalytical chemistry, general chemistry, medicinal chemistry
Selected publications
1. B Cabanillas, P Vásquez-Ocmín, I Zebiri, E Rengifo, M Sauvain, HL Le, A Vaisberg, L Voutquenne-Nazabadioko, Mohamed Haddad. A new 5-alkylresorcinol glucoside derivative from Cybianthus magnus. Natural product research, 2016, 30 (3), 293-298.

2. HL Le, V Jullian, C Claparols, M Vansteelandt, M Haddad, C Cabou, Eric Deharo, Nicolas Fabre. Development and validation of liquid chromatography combined with tandem mass spectrometry methods for the quantitation of Simalikalactone E in extracts of Quassia amara L. and in Mouse Blood. Phytochemical Analysis, 2015, 26 (2), 111-118.

3. HL Le, V Jullian, G Bourdy, C Girardi, E Deharo, AC Le Lamer, N Fabre. Sensitivity enhancement in LC-ESI-MS method using mobile phase additives to quantify Simalikalactone E. Planta Medica, 2012, 78 (11), 1198-1198.

4. N Boussetta, E Vorobiev, LH Le, A Cordin-Falcimaigne, JL Lanoisellé. Application of electrical treatments in alcoholic solvent for polyphenols extraction from grape seeds. LWT-Food Science and Technology, 2012, 46 (1), 127-134.