Application procedure



Article 8. Procedures for scholarship and financial aids support
Procedures for scholarship and financial aids support for USTH students are followed 3 steps:
Step 1: widely publicing, handing and receiving applications for scholarship and financial aids support.

  • Student Affairs Unit coordinates with Bachelor and Master Departments, Marketing and Communication Unit inform all students of the school on a scholarship and policy support from the school.
  • Scholarship for excellent students: receive students’ applications for scholarships from 1st year students of Bachelor and Master program (USTH template) and the proposed list from Bachelor and Master Departments for 2nd and 3rd year students.

+ Fellowship: applications are handed at and submitted to Student Affairs Unit.
+ Internship scholarship: being processed in 1st semester of final year of Bachelor program and Master program.
Step 2: prepare proposed lists for scholarship and financial aids; organize the SFA council and issueing a final decision.
Within 15 days after the accepting deadline for scholarship and financial aid applications from students, and proposals of Departments, Student Affairs Unit’ staff prepares lists and submit to the SFA council for finalization. Final decision is issued by the Rector of USTH.
Step 3: Announce lists of students receiving scholarships and financial aids 
Student Affairs Unit and related departments are responsible for widely public the decision and list of students granted scholarships and financial aid support.
Scholarships and financial support will be bank-transferred 2 times/year after student’s completing the tuition fee payment.