Mission of DRITT

Pursuant to Regulations on function, tasks and power of administration units of the University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH), issued under Decision No. 410/QĐ-ĐHKHCNHN dated December 12th, 2017 by Rector of USTH, DRITT has function and mission as follows:

I. Function

Advise the Rector on building strategic policy of development of USTH’s Scientific & Technological - Technology Transfer (S&T-T&T); Manage, coordinate with other units to organize S&T-T&T activities and other related activities within USTH.

II. Mission

  1. Build the short-term/medium-term programs, plans of S&T-T&T;
  2. Coordinate with Direction of Administration to build and submit to the Rector for promulgating directions, guidelines, regulations document on scientific management & technology transfer within USTH and organize training for related persons;
  3. Organize the evaluation, selection of research projects which are hosted by USTH; organize the acceptance, summary, assessment for research projects at all levels according to its competence;
  4. Manage, coordinate with related units to build regulation on organization and operation of international joint labs; general management of the research labs of USTH;
  5. Coordinate with related units to build and develop research potential of USTH;
  6. Coordinate with Accounting - Finance department on proposing the Rector for approving S&T annual financial plan;
  7. Expand and develop the research collaboration with local and foreign agencies and organizations; exploit the local and foreign funding to support S&T development; gather, organize the synchronous, interdisciplinary research groups to implement major and multi-objective projects, in order to solve important S&T problems of Vietnam; propose the Rectorate Board the methods to encourage scientists to get research projects/programs at State level;
  8. Coordinate with Doctoral School, Master programs and related departments to organize scientific-training activities; guide and verify students S&T activities; guide to organize scientific seminar/conference of students, organize the evaluation and submit to the Rector to reward valuable S&T results;
  9. Support to procedures with VAST in organizing of  international conferences, workshops; annual conference on summary scientific research and technology transfer; guiding, support on organizing conferences of departments, center;
  10. Manage the transfer and development of technology, development of S&T services, building cooperative relationship between UTSH and enterprises;
  11. Implement other mission under assigning of the Rector.