• Description
The objective of this project is to assess the technology readiness level of GPUs for aerospace missions both in terms of core component in the mission design and in terms of accelerator for associated data processing and interpretation.
The main goals are:
-  to develop and validate in-flight a lightweight data acquisition and processing module to be embarked on small drones or larger UAV and nano- and micro-satellites. This module will be designed as an independent facility on the air/space craft, able to access flight sensors data but dedicated to science data acquisition and processing. It will be coupled to compact visible and near-IR cameras for in-flight tests with the aim to validate a complete data acquisition solution for aerospace missions.
- to lead innovative developments for efficient post-processing techniques dedicated to aerial / satellites images using GPUs and to implement a small scale data centre as a shared facility for aerospace applications. The latter can be seen as a pilot project, in which we will assess an energy efficient solution for the development of a future full fledge data centre for space.
Our integrated approach, leading concurrently the development of efficient approaches for data processing, with a close link with science applications, and the R&D required to embed a technological solution is innovative. The outcomes are multiple: a high performance module integrable on aerospace missions (validated in-flight), high efficiency data processing techniques for science, science results from satellite imaging processing and interpretation.
  • Team
Damien Gratadour, P.I., Univ. Paris Diderot – Obs. de Paris
Tran Giang Son, Co-P.I., USTH-ICT
NGUYEN Xuan Truong, USTH                             
NGHIEN Thi Phuong, USTH                                   
DOAN Minh Chung, STI-VAST                                            
NGUYEN Huu Trung, HUST                                               
Hubert HALLOIN, Université Paris Diderot                                          
NGUYEN Van Hieu, STI-VAST                                             
Marco AGNAN, Université Paris Diderot                                           
Bruno BOUTEILLE, SIREA