• Description
Gasification is a promising route for the conversion of lignocellulosic biomass into useful electricity and/or heat and biofuel energy.
The total number of gasification plants corresponding to 42 GWth installed (SFA Pacific) that are operational worldwide clearly highlights the level of maturity of gasification technology. However, despite these figures, it should be kept in mind that these plants run on coal or petroleum residue feedstock and only a few units are fuelled with biomass. Recent progress on biomass gasification has enabled manufacturers (Repotec, Xylowatt, Volund) to develop commercially mature technologies for heat, electricity and cogeneration applications. The investment, and operating costs are, however, still relatively high. The electrical efficiency of commercial plants has reached 30% for very low power levels. The efficiency can be as high as 80% for heat production (district heating) but, because of its complexity, this type of technology cannot compete with the combustion sector (boilers). Developing cogeneration could enhance the efficiency of the sector if the coproduced thermal energy (heat, steam) could be used. This technology—because of the chemical efficiency of a major portion of the energy available in syngas (>80%)—is highly suitable for applications geared towards using gasification gases as a substitute for natural gas.
In summary, substantial R&D is necessary to optimize gasification processes, especially to broaden the range of recoverable biomass and to enhance the reliability of this promising technology.
Complex and varied gasification processes require specific expertise that is still lacking scientific and technical hindsight.
The aim of the project is to come up with scientific explanations concerning the behaviour of these biomasses in fixed bed reactors, and industrial solutions regarding the optimization of current processes and sectors.
  • Research Team
PI : Laurent VAN de STEENE, CIRAD                                     
Co-PI : NGUYEN Hong Nam, USTH PhD student                                  
LE Duc Dung, SHEAR-HUST                                       
HA-DUONG Minh, CIRED-CNRS                                          
NGUYEN Xuan Truong, USTH                             
HUYNH Pham Xuan, USTH                                    
TRAN Hoang Anh, USTH                             
NGUYEN Tring Hoang Anh, PhD USTH student