• Description
CatBa archipelago in HaiPhong (Vietnam), one of the World Biosphere Reserve Area designated by UNESCO in 2004, is considered as an ideal area for development of tourism and of aquatic/seafood industries through fishing villages/communities establishment. However, due to lack of stringent environmental management system for spontaneous fishing communities, pollution level at this coastal area has increased alarmingly which requires timely prevention and mitigation measures. With direct discharge of domestic wastes, including human excreta into the sea water environment, families in these floating communities in particular and tourists in general at CatBa bay are in face of serious health risks due to lack of appropriate sanitation system.
In response to this situation, this project is proposed to test and find out affordable, sustainable and appropriate technologies (both in water quality monitoring and treatment aspects) for the water sanitation problem faced by the floating communities and tourists in CatBa island. The focus of this project is to apply innovative technologies and practices for the human waste management for the floating communities.
  • Team
PI : DAO Thanh Duong, USTH                  
Co-PI : Corinne CABASSUD, INSA Toulouse                       
Co-PI : Christophe DAGOT, ENSIL Limoges                        
LE Phuong Thu, USTH                               
BUI Van Hoi, USTH