Project description

Nowadays,  an  increasing  number  of  microbes  broadly  distributed  in  the  environment  are involved in human and animals diseases, including opportunistic pathogens as etiologic agents of nosocomial  infections.  These  latter  microorganisms  take  advantage  of  failure  in  the  immune system  of  vulnerable  people,  as  immune compromised  people,  to  express  their  pathogenicity.
Furthermore several infectious agents become more and more resistant to the available biocides (antibiotics,  antifungal  agents,  antiparasitic  agents…),  thus  presenting  multi-drug  resistance (MDR) phenotypes, which are mainly explained by the over expression of MDR efflux pumps.
It  is now admitted  that,  although the intensive  use  of drugs in  human, veterinary,  agricultural practices  contributes  to  the  development  of  resistance  traits  among  microorganisms.
The general objective of the project is to survey microorganisms in highly anthropized environments with the aim to discover potential pathogens and their drug resistance mechanisms, and prevent or  alert  associated  disease  emerging  risks  as  well  as  to  propose possible  control  strategies.
Research Team
PI : Marie-Geneviève DIJOUX-FRANCA (UCBL)                                    
Co-PI : NGUYEN Tien Dat (IMBC-VAST)                                    
NGUYEN Thi Kieu Oanh, USTH PhD student                                 
NGUYEN Thi Luyen, USTH PhD student                                 
NGUYEN Hai Dang, IMBC-VAST                                            
LE Thi Phuong Quynh, INPC-VAST                                               
DUONG Thi Thuy, IET-VAST                                           
HO Tu Cuong, IET-VAST                                     
TRAN Vu Phong, NIHE                                       
NGUYEN Thi Thanh Binh, USTH                               
PHAM Hoang Nam, USTH PhD student                                      
Sylvie NAZARET, UCBL                                     
Patrick MAVINGUI, UCBL                                               
Claire VALIENTE MORO, UCBL                                   
Dimitri LAVILLETTE, UCBL                                        
Serge MICHALET, UCBL                                   
Guillaume MEIFFREN, CESN, UCBL                                         
Françoise FALSON, UCBL                                  
Roland BARRET, UCBL