Analysis and reconstruction of catastrophes in history within interactive virtual environments and simulation
This project is now merged into ICTLab.
  • Description
The goal of ARCHIVES is to support historical researches on past disasters with the help of advanced document image analysis, knowledge management, GIS representation and agent-based computer modeling. The case study considered is the Red River floods and their impacts on Hanoi over the past centuries. The project is built upon the achievement of three complementary goals, which correspond to research issues:
-“Navigable corpus”: is expected to gather, scan, analyze and build a navigable, sharable and expendable corpus from the datasets that document a past catastrophic event.The expected outcome is an interactive document browser, assisting the historian (considered here as an end-user) in the semi-automatic transcription of historical documents and enabling him/her to easily navigate in a collection of documents.
“Geo-historical database”: is expected to build a spatial representation of the Red River in the region of Hanoi over time and to link it with the previous corpus, so as to allow building a geo-historical GIS that supports spatial and temporal navigation within past events.
“Geo-historical agent-based model”: is expected to propose a methodology to design agent-based models of past catastrophic events, built upon the data gathered in the corpus and in the geo-historical database; to run, using these models, simulations faithful to historical accounts in order to verify the completeness of these accounts; to allow users to explore uchronias produced, for example, by a change in the decisions made by simulated actors and leading to "alternative realities", that potentially carry valuable lessons for a contemporary audience.