• Description
Omics, the emerging trend of integrative biology research, has become a popular yet challenging approach in life science. Aiming at a systematic and broad-view understanding of the structure, function, and dynamics of organisms at molecular level, omics is an approach that includes and is the combination of genomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics, metabolomics, and metagenomics etc. Generally, each relies on two components: high-throughput experimental technologies to collect data and scalable data analysis techniques. An ultimate goal is to translate the results of such integrative omics analysis into concrete applications in health, agriculture, etc. While genome projects of medium and large scale are much more achievable now with next generation sequencing (NGS) than in the 2000s (Human Genome Project), the challenge is, however, to deal with the large amount of heterogeneous data, to make sense from them and interpret the results. With that vision in mind, we propose this project of Omics Data Analysis for Human Health and Diseases in Vietnam (HealthOmics) capitalizing on researchers from two USTH departments ICT and Biopharma, and related institutes of VAST, ICAN/UPMC (France) and OUCRU (Oxford Wellcome Trust unit in Hanoi, Vietnam).
The first phase of HealthOmics: Pilot study on establishing the computational platform for analytics of NGS data, in which a Galaxy instance is to be set up for both research and training.
  • Team
PI : Jean-Daniel ZUCKER, UMMISCO                                     
Co-PI : DOAN Nhat Quang,USTH                                   
BICH Hai Ho, IOIT-VAST                                 
LUONG Chi Mai, IOIT-VAST                                       
NONG Van Hai, IGR-VAST                                           
KIM Thi Phuong Oanh, IGR-VAST                                            
TRAN Giang Son, USTH                                       
Marc CHOISY, IRD                                            
Heiman WERTHEIM, OUCROU