Call for proposal for S&T project at institutional level 2018


Call for proposal for S&T project at institutional level 2018


In order to enhance its research capacity at international standard, to establish strong research groups and to contribute the S&T resources at high level, University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH) is launching a call for proposal for S&T projects at institutional level for 2018 as follows:

1. Scope:
a. Main research topics of USTH:

  • BIOTECHNOLOGIES : Agronomical, pharmacological, medical, food and non food,…;
  • INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES: Architecture, processing, simulation, modeling; linkage with biotechnologies, environment, energy topics,….;
  • ENVIRONMENT: Oceanography, hydrology, water treatment, resources management (land, soil, water, minerals, …);
  • ENERGY: Green energy, biomass, electric energy,...;
  • ADVANCED MATERIALS AND NANOTECHNOLOGIES: Energy, environment, aerospace,...;
  • SPACE: Remote sensing and Modelling of the Earth, Satellite Technologies, Astrophysics.
b. Main priority directions of S&T research, major scientific and technological research fields at ministerial and national level such as: NAFOSTED, VAST, MOST…


2. Projects types:
  • Fundamental research;
  • Prototype and/or applied research;
  • Finalized products.
3. Applicants: Lecturers/researchers of USTH: Permanent and/or probationer (for project type 2 as below).
4. Budget:
  • Type 1:     From 200.000.000 VND to 500.000.000 VND;
  • Type 2:     From 30.000.000 VND to 50.000.000 VND.
5. Required criteria for S&T project:
  • The project ensures the feasibility in order to solve issues having scientific and practical values;
  • The project ensures the efficiency for supporting for postgraduate training; high value research outcomes; practical application capacity to meet the target of social-economic development of Vietnam;
  • The project has the participation/consulting/advise of Vietnamese and/or international senior researchers, experts at high level from USTH and/or out of USTH.
  • Priorities will be given to:

+ Projects with outcomes strongly linked to social life and creating new technology products, interdisciplinary technology, transfer ability;

+ Project able to be continued as project at higher level such as NAFOSTED, VAST, Ministerial level, National level…;

+ Project exceeding the prescribed level of outcomes;

  • PI and project members should have professional competence and research experiences at good level.
6. Requirements for PI:
  • For project type 1: Not to be PI of NAFOSTED project, VAST project, project at Ministerial level, National level or equivalent at the time of application.
  • For project type 2:
+ Never being PI of institutional project or other project (VAST, MOST…);
+ Or specifically for USTH lecturers/researchers with a labor or working contract of less than 02 years at application time.


7. Required outcomes:

7.1 For project type 1:  The budget will be approved base on the commitment on the number and the quality of project’s outputs.

- Fundamental research projects: Commit to publish at least 01 ISI publication (*) or 01 international publication in equivalent journal (for ICT field only) (**): First author and/or Corresponding author;

- Prototype and finalized product: Commit to have an application product that respond at least to one of the following results:

  • Patent ;
  • Experiment activities; assessed technology;
  • Results related to juridical protection (utility model, industrial design);
  • Results related to recognized techniques aspects (experimental production, prototypes).

7.2 For project type 2: Commit to publish at least 01 publication in national journal of the list of VAST 1 or VAST2 (***) and/or international journal or internaltional journal and/or international proceedings that are not listed in SCI, SCI-E but have an ISSN, ISBN identification (****);


(*) List of qualified ISI publications, qualified international journal for reference:

(**) List of conferences & journals at high value (for ICT) for reference at (CORE conferences (conference A and B have good international value) and/or at (Scimago (journals in Q1 and Q2 are highly valued)).

(***) List of journal VAST1 (03 journals) including(1) Advances in Natural Sciences: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology; (2) Vietnam Journal of Mathematics; (3) Acta Mathematica Vietnamica.

        (or) List of journal VAST2 (09 journals) including:  (1) Communications in Physics; (2) Vietnam Journal of Mechanics; (3) Tạp chí Tin học và điều khiển học – Journal of Computer Science and Cybernetics; (4) Tạp chí Khoa học và Công nghệ - Journal of Science and Technology; (5) Tạp chí Hóa học – Journal of Chemistry; (6) Tạp chí Khoa học và Công nghệ Biển – Journal of Marine Science and Technology; (7) Tạp chí Công nghệ sinh học – Journal of Biotechnology; (8) Tạp chí Các khoa học về Trái đất – Vietnam Journal of Earth Sciences; (9) Tạp chí Sinh học – Journal of Biology.

(****) List of qualified national journal in natural fields is for reference at


8. Implementation time:

            - For project type 1:    ~ 02 years;

            - For project type 2:    ~ 01 year.

9. Application dossier and deadline for submission:

9.1. Attention:

- Proposal will be written in English, font Time News Romans, size 12 with number of page/total page number; with proposal cover.

- Application dossier (hard version and soft version in pdf file) including:

          + Proposal cover (Template N°01);

+ Full Proposal (Template N°02);

+ Curriculum Vitae  in English (Template N°03) of PI and project members with original signature, commitment  (Template N°04) with confirmation of their institution in Vietnamese (except USTH academic staff);

+ Provisional budget (Template N°05)


- The late submission after above deadline is not accepted.

9.2. Deadline:

- Application form:                             Before 18th January 2018 (via google form here)

- Submission dossier:                         Hard version (01 copy) will be submitted to DRITT before 17:00 PM,

10th February 2018 (Soft version will be sent via:

- Evaluation time:                                February 2018.

- Contact person:                                 Ms Le Tuyet Trinh - DRITT                                      

Tel.: (+ 84-24)                                        


Hanoi, 12th January 2018

PP. Rector

Director of Research, Innovation and Technology Transfer

Radjesvarane Alexandre