Call for application for USTH students of 2018






University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH) was established with the aim to provide high quality human resources in Science and Technology serving for the development of research and technology transfer, for the demand of socio – economic development of Vietnam and making all efforts to become an excellent research oriented University in Vietnam, reaching regional and international standards. Therefore, improving the capacity building on S& T research and innovation for lecturers and students is among the top priorities of USTH.

Over the past years, a large number of USTH students have been involved in S&T research, technological innovation club and have achieved high level results. To encourage and support students to participate more strongly in these innovative activities, in addition to encouraging students to participate in valuable S&T projects jointly with USTH lecturers, USTH launches the Program “USTH-20” for 2018 with the purpose to support the development of innovative & creative ideas from student, thereby, promoting the activities, ideas and start-up projects of students in the University in accordance with the spirit of the project “Supporting students to start up by 2025" under Decision No.1665/QĐ-TTg of the Prime Minister.


All current research topics of USTH:

  • Biotechnologies;
  • Energy;
  • Environment;
  • Advanced materials and Nanotechnologies;
  • Information and Communication technologies;
  • Space;
  • ....


  • Type 1: Supporting for development of innovative & creative ideas;
  • Type 2: Supporting the participation at international or national conference/workshop.


Maximum 20.000.000 VND (Twenty millions Vietnamese dongs).


Type 1

Type 2

Any USTH Bachelor and Master students studying at USTH at the time of dossier submission;

Any PhD students studying at USTH;


Within 2018 (For innovative & creative ideas development: maximum 10 months).


Type 1

Type 2

  • Each innovative ideas development project will have 01 student who is the main responsible person (also called group leader) and 01 USTH lecturer acting as supervisor. Group leader needs to ensure the project implementation time at least 07 months.
  • Each research work on innovative ideas development will be implemented with a maximum of 05 USTH students and at least 03 USTH students.
  • The innovative ideas development project must present the novelty; and has not been submitted to any international or national awards at the time of proposal submission.
  • Research work on innovative ideas development projects cannot be completely identical with other innovative ideas or published scientific research project.
  • Priorities will be given to the research work which has innovative, practical ideas and ability for real life applications.
  • Conferences, workshops must have contents in accordance with research results of applicant, has articles published in qualified international/national journals, and must have an official website to publish, and introduce information.
  • Invitation letter for conference, workshop presentation (oral).
  • Scientific report which will be presented (oral presentation) at conference, workshop.



Type 1

Type 2

  • 01 work report, maximum 10 pages;
  • Reporting the result at the competition « S&T innovation for USTH students 2018» (Tentative time: November 2018: The competition information will be announced later).
  • Accepted presentation (oral presentation) at international / national conferences, workshops which are organized by qualified organizations.



- Dossier will be written in English, font Time News Romans, size 12 with number of page/total page number;

- Application dossier (hard version and soft version – pdf file) includes:

Type 1

Type 2

Proposal dossier

Support requesting dossier

  • Application for support with confirm of Director of Department (Template S-01P);
  • Curriculum Vitae of applicant (Template S-02P);
  • Provisional budget, indicate expenditure items are funded by the conference organization or other organizations (if any) (Template S-03P).
(Please contact DRITT to get all Templates)
  • Register before 01st March 2018 (via link google form).
  • Deadline of dossier submission (proposal) before 17:00 PM, 22nd March 2018 (hard version & soft version).
  • Application for support has to be submitted to Direction of Research, Innovation and Technology Transfer  at least two (02) months before the opening date of conference, workshop.

All application dossiers will be submitted to

Direction of Research, Innovation and Technology Transfer (DRITT)


Room 816, 8th Floor, Education and Service Building

18 Hoang Quoc Viet, Cau Giay, Hanoi

Contact : Ms Le Tuyet Trinh

Tel.: (+ 84-24) / Email:

Note :          - Late submission after the above deadline will not be accepted;

- Time of evaluation and result announcement:

+ Type 1: Before 31st March 2018;

+ Type 2: 01 month after receiving dossier.

Hanoi, 09th February 2018
PP. Rector
Director of Research, Innovation 
and Technology Transfer

Radjesvarane Alexandre