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The impressive development of modern science and technology is creating incisive change in our society. Vietnamese medical with properly invested modern equipment is gradually catching up to international level. However, for the modern medical equipment can operate properly, we need to have a group of high lever trained technician and engineer with high responsibility and influence in English. According to recently research, to 2020 in Vietnam, the well trained technical staffs needed is about 65000, but education programs in medical technology graduate approximately 1000 students per year (in 2015). Moreover, in traditional medical schools medical technology program is combined with nursing and the training is running at the technician levels.In reality, at the local hospital, the rate of technical staff in charge of the medical equipment is very low: only6% are engineers,35% are technicians or technical workers, and 59% are part-time officers. Therefore human resource demand in this area is extremely urgent, should be particularly concerned.


         Medical Science and Technology Program consist of two directions Biomedical Diagnostics and Biomedical Engineering.

Biomedical diagnostics direction:

At Present, Biomedical diagnostic technology is a challenging and rewarding healthcare profession. An essential member of the healthcare team, the biomedical diagnostic technologist/biomedical laboratory scientist provides vital information about the status and function of the body and its systems. However, this essential human resource is in serious shortage in Vietnam.

In order to meet the demand for human resources in this area, the MST bachelor program at USTH focuses on the development of the potential orientation “Biomedical diagnostics”. Students acquire the skills and knowledge needed to provide data, obtained by precision instruments and electronic equipment that is utilized in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease. Major Biomedical Laboratory subjects include Microbiology, Biochemistry, Hematology, Immunohematology, Immunology/serology and molecular genetics. Besides, molecular diagnostics is an emerging laboratory discipline in which the application of sophisticated methodologies and techniques leads to data used in the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of genetic disorders, malignancies and infectious diseases. The major responsibilities of a biomedical diagnostic technologist are to perform sample analyses and the interpretation evaluation of data obtained laboratory disciplines.

Careers for biomedical technologists:

  • Medical Lab Technologist
  • R&D for Biomedical products
  • Researcher at Biomedical research Institutions
  • Selling biomedical diagnostic Products
  • Pursuit higher study level

Biomedical engineering section:

            Biomedical engineering technologists are highly and urgently needed in all public health care facilities in Vietnam. Therefore, the establishment of the Medical Science and Technology Bachelor Program at USTH with a focusing on the Biomedical Engineering direction will contribute to fill this gap in human resource demand in term of highly qualified biomedical scientists and technologists.

The biomedical engineering program generally offers training that is quantitative, emphasizes problem-solving, design, development and application of modern biomedical technologies for treating phenomena from the molecular to the systems level. This program will also emphasize the mechanical and biological concepts behind biomedical devices and prepare students for more advanced careers. Students will gain an understanding of the areas as biomedical imaging, biomedical devices, biomaterials and biomechanics.

This program will allow students to follow careers:

  • Biomedical equipment repair technician
  • Biomedical device manufacturing
  • Biomedical device sales
  • Pursuit higher study level

Program Curriculum

The MST bachelor program will last 3 academic years, including 6 semesters, 180 ECTS and 3-6 months of internship in research laboratories. This international program is fully in English.

First year/Foundation year:

Major subjects include Mathematics, Physic, Chemistry, Biology and IT

Second and third year:

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The MST students after graduated have opportunity to become engineer or technical staff at hospital, Medical laboratory technologist, consultants at Medical technology and equipment companies or scientific officers at any NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) and/or Governmental organizations in medical field. Moreover, this bachelor’s degree will entitle you to enrol the “Master and Doctorate in Medical Science and Technology” at USTH or the other equivalent educational institutions.


Follow the LMD system will last 3 academic years, 180 ECTS.
  • Fist year: General knowledge in Math, Physic, Chemistry, Informatics and Biology
  • Second year: Fundamental knowledge about Medical Science and Technology
  • Last year: special knowledge about Medical Science and Technology, divide in two different section: “Clinical laboratory technologies” and “Medical instrumental technologies”.


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 Dr. Nguyen Quang Huy - Coordinator of Medical Science and Technology
         Email: [email protected]