Bachelor Aeronautical maintenance and engineering operations


According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), between 2015 and 2035, Vietnam is among the top five markets with the highest growth of passenger traffic in the world after China, India and Indonesia. Increased demand for air travel has created more employment opportunities in the sector. However, the air transport industry in Vietnam has only met 40% of human resources.

Based on the aviation fleet development plan of the airlines, according to the Vietnam Aviation Administration, by 2020, it is expected that the country will need about 150-200 personnel each year to the aircraft technical force includes both aircraft engineer and aircraft technician.

In order to meet the major shortage and the urgent need for technical and high quality human resources, USTH will develop the new Aeronautic Engineering discipline based on the strong support of Airbus and its partners Vietnam Airlines, Aircraft Engineering Company Limited (VAECO), French National Civil Aviation College (ENAC) and France Aerospace Institute (IAS).


The Bachelor in Aeronautical Engineering program is aimed at training the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer at the University level . With the participation of lecturers from Europe, the program will consist of 30 months of basic theoretical and practical classes focusing on such topics as aircraft maintenance and systems, testing and technical support, quality and status of aircraft, aviation operations. The program also includes internship and professional practice at VAECO. In addition to the direction of training and work on aircraft maintenance, students also have the option of further study in Aeronautic engineering.

Detailed program expected: 

Year Syllabus Number of ETCs Hours
Year 1   Mathematics 9 790 hours
  Computer science 8
  Physics 25
  Introduction to aeronautics 1 3
  Introduction to aeronautics 2 3
English 10
Internship 2
Total number of ETCS: 60
Year 2 Mathematics 6 770 hours
Physics 9
  Aerodynamics & Flight mechanics 4
  Automatism 3
  Materials 6
  Aircraft systems 12
  Electrical power 3
  Hydraulic / pneumatic power 3
  French 8
  Management System 2
  Internship 4
Total number of ETCS: 60
Year 3   Engineering operation (Option 1)   Regulations 3 400 hours
  Safety &Human Factors 3
  Thermal systems Airplanes / Helicopters 3
  Metrology & computer science 4
  Vibrations 3
  Power electronics 3
  Maintenance & reliability 4
  Flight operations 3
  Legal environment of maintenance contracts 1
  Project management & Quality assurance 1
  Accounting of maintenance projects 1
Presentation skills / professional orientation 1
Internship 30  
Total number of ETCS: 60
Option: Aeronautical Maintenance (Option 2) Labor safety 3 410 hours
Aviation regulations 3
Materials and hardware 6
Maintenance practices 9
Aeroplane aerodynamics, structures / systems 6
Gas Turbine engine 3
3-month course &3-month professional practice or Internship: (B1 or B2 – 6 months) B1 specialized path - Aerodynamics, structures & systems (90 hrs)- Gas Turbine Engine (140 hrs)- Propeller (40 hrs) B2 specialized path - Aeroplane aerodynamics, structures & systems (290 hrs)  30  
Total number of ETCS: 60


Under the cooperation agreement, Vietnam Airlines commits to recruiting at least 30 USTH graduates of Aeronautical maintenance and engineering operations each year to work for the Company or VAECO for the first five intakes.


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