USTH successfully organized Doctoral Day 2022

Monday - 13/06/2022 03:56

The Doctoral Day organized by the University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH) was successfully held on May 31, 2022.

Speaking at the event, Prof. Jean-Marc Lavest, Principal Rector of USTH emphasized that with the goal of becoming a research-oriented university, USTH focuses on developing and improving the quality of doctoral programs. "Doctoral Day" is an event organized annually by the Doctoral School to help PhD students have the opportunity to present their research results and exchange with researchers, scientists, and experts inside and outside the University. Prof. Jean-Marc Lavest also wished the event a success.

Doctoral Day 1
Prof. Jean-Marc Lavest spoke at the event 

This year, 12 papers were selected to be presented at the Doctoral Day in various research fields such as Biotechnology, Materials Science, and Information Technology. The evaluation committee includes many experienced scientists such as Assoc. Prof. Eric Lacombe – Director of the Department of Life Sciences, Assoc. Prof. Dong Van Quyen – Co-Director of the Department of Life Sciences, Assoc. Dr. Le Hai Khoi – Department of General Education; Dr. Nguyen Kieu Oanh – Deputy Director of the Department of Life Sciences, Dr. Nguyen Van Quynh – Deputy Director of the Department of Advanced Materials Science and Nanotechnology, Dr. Tran Giang Son – Deputy Director of the Department of Information and Communication Technology.

Doctoral Day 2
PhD students presented at the event 
Doctoral Day 3
PhD students presented at the event 

The evaluation committee highly appreciated all the presentations at the event, in which many have remarkable research results. After 3 hours of discussion, the committee selected 2 best oral presentations, as follows:

- "Investigation of synergic effect of Diisopropylamine Dichloroacetate and Fenbendazole on lung and liver cancer models" by PhD student Nguyen Quang Thai (Agricultural Biotechnology, Medicine, Pharmacy)

- “Electrochemical and spectroscopic tools to investigate performance and mechanism of molecular electrocatalysts” by PhD student Tran Buu Dang (Advanced Materials Science and Nanotechnology)

Doctoral Day 4
Prof. Jean-Marc Lavest and Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Viet Dung- Director of Doctoral School awarded the certificate of best oral presentations. 

At the event, Assoc. Prof. Tran Dinh Phong – Director of the Department of Fundamental and Applied Sciences, Head of the Research Group on Chemistry in Energy Metabolism and Storage (CECS) had a meaningful sharing on “Research cooperation: How to become stronger and solve challenging problems”. He also presented the research journey of his research group to create an "artificial leaf" – a device capable of using solar energy to split hydrogen and oxygen in water, thereby producing hydrogen energy in a clean way. Recently, the CECS has just announced a version of the "artificial leaf" with 1.9% efficiency in the Journal of the American Chemical Society. Besides, he shared how the CECS built a collaboration network with the other research groups in France and Japan to solve difficulties and challenges during the research process.

Doctoral Day 5
Assoc. Prof. Tran Dinh Phong spoke at the event 

Especially, the event welcomes Assoc. Prof. Phan Thi Ha Duong - Institute of Mathematics and Managing Director of Vingroup Innovation Foundation (VinIF) as a key speaker. She gave an overview of VinIF and its sponsor programs. From 2019 to 2021, VinIF has sponsored a total of VND 600 billion for 83 projects; 750 master’s and doctoral scholarships; 30 Postgraduate scholarships. Particularly in 2021, USTH has 02 projects of 02 lecturers sponsored by VinIF, 02 alumni receiving master's scholarships; 02 master's graduates receiving doctoral scholarships, and 02 lecturers receiving postgraduate scholarships from VinIF.

Doctoral Day 6
Assoc. Prof. Phan Thi Ha Duong spoke at the event. 

The event ended successfully, bringing a lot of useful information to attendees, especially to PhD students on their future research paths.

Doctoral Day 7
The attendees took the photo together.