Guideline for incoming exchange students

This guideline is applied for students of partner universities signed the MOU/ exchange agreements with USTH. The exchange allows students to study at USTH for one semester or one year without paying tuition fee to USTH but remaining their enrolment status at the home university. USTH accepts student exchange at Bachelor and Master levels.

Please note that the non-degree exchange is different from the double degree program.  

Step 1: Nomination from home university

The exchange students must be nominated officially by their home university through International Office, or Mobility Office. Nomination letter and student profiles must be sent by email to USTH International Cooperation Office (ICO).

Exchange application check list:


Step 2: Approval decision by hosting Department of USTH

  1. Student exchange application will be sent by ICO to USTH Hosting Department for approval or rejection (decision is noted on the student application form and signed by the Director/ Co-director of Dept. & approved by Rector board)

  2. If approving the exchange, the hosting Department prepares the academic schedule

The 2 above mentioned documents approved by the Department will be sent to ICO.

ICO prepares acceptance letter (in Vietnamese: Quyết định tiếp nhận sinh viên trao đổi)


Step 3. VISA and arrival information

ICO sends the signed acceptance letter to Home Institution and student and guideline for VISA (student prepares the visa application form) and accommodation.

ICO sends student profiles and related documents to Student Services Office for VISA preparation, accommodation register

Application deadlines:

  • May 15th for the autumn semester and academic year.

  • November 15th for the spring semester.

The application form is available during following periods:

  • March 1 - May 15

  • September 1 - November 15.

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