Choi Stella and Hardy Victoria from Ecole Polytechnique, France

Our names are Stella and Victoria, we are students at the school Ecole Polytechnique, which is one of the prestigious French « Grandes Ecoles ». We chose USTH as our destination for our 6 months internship, though we did not know at this time how great this experience would be. Our role at the USTH consists in helping the first year bachelor students in every subject such as Maths, Physics, English and also French.

To do so, we organised support classes four times a week for volunteers. Moreover, the content of those tutor classes would depend on the students’ difficulties and expectations. This experience was great in many ways.

To begin with, we were impressed by the very good atmosphere of this young university, not only between the students but also between the teachers and their students. Indeed, we worked with a staff that kept on doing their best to make us feel as confortable as possible and to provide the best for the students. More than that, it delighted us to see how grateful  the students were for our help and how motivated they were all year long. We discovered a university where the formations proposed were amazingly diversed (Space and Aeronautics, Biology, Nanotechnology, Informatics) but which also tackle all the issues at stake in the  vietnamese society, the Food Technology department being a case in point.

       In addition, the fact that all the courses are in english appeared a bit ambitious to us at the beginning, but as time went by, we were able to witness the huge progress of every student in their language skills, due to an excellent team of english teachers that worked along with them, everyday, for a couple of months. This is, without a doubt, what makes USTH special and what reflects its international renown that makes its diploma more than valuable on the job market.  We could also see this international renown every single day, when we met lecturers coming from all around the world, but also with the students. Indeed, many students were interested in France, and  planned to study abroad, which is possible with all the interships offered by USTH. 

Finally, this internship allowed us, not only to share about French culture but also to discover vietnamese culture, all that thanks to the bicultural identity of USTH. We met great people, had great experiences thanks to USTH and we are convinced that an amazing future is ahead of  this university, which will always have a special place in our heart. Our only wish is that we managed to really help the students to get through this important year.

The only thing left to say is thank you to the USTH, and more specifically our tutor Ngo Duc Thanh, Vice Rector, for the wonderful time we had here, and good luck for the two privileged students that will be at our place next year.

Stella & Victoria