USTH honorably welcomes Ambassadors of Angola, Mozambique, Brazil and Timor-Leste

he Honorable João Manuel Bernardo, Ambassador of the Republic of Angola to Vietnam; Gamiliel Sepúlveda João Muguambe, Ambassador of the Republic of Mozambique to Vietnam; Diniz Brandão, Ambassador of Brazil Republic to Vietnam; and Jorge Trindade Neves de Camoẽs, Ambassador of the Republic of Timor-Leste to Vietnam all show their great interest in USTH and its unique training model and quality.

The formal meeting is an opportunity for USTH to give a detailed introduction of its training system and strategic plans, as well as to explore the cooperation opportunities and map out future partnership strategies.

On behalf of USTH Rectorate Board, Rector, Prof. Patrick Boiron gives an overview of the University and its academic training programs, and shares interest in all aspects that the Honorable Ambassadors express during the meeting. Experiences and insights on specific forms of existing cooperation between USTH and Vietnamese high schools and universities, and foreign governments are also exchanged during the meeting.

The four Embassy delegations, which include different Secretaries and Attachés, also visit the Product Lifecycle Competency Centre (PLMCC) which is a partnership between USTH, the French Ministry of Education and the French company Dassault Systèmes, as well as the ICT, WEO, RE, NANO and BIO labs at USTH.

Discussions are also made regarding the scholarship policy to be applied for students of the four countries, as well as the chance for multilateral cooperation regarding related activities.

The Education Meeting is part of USTH’s effort in realizing its active strategy of opening to the international student recruitment. The current ratio of foreign students who are taking the Bachelor and Master courses at USTH is one percent and 10 percent, respectively, and their main countries of origin are France, UK, Spain, Algeria, Sri Lanka, Laos and the Philippines./.