Mdm Clelia Chevrier KOLAČKO pays working visit to USTH

In the afternoon of Oct 13, senior representatives of USTH join to give a warm welcome to Mdm Clélia Chevrier, who is accompanied by Mr. Mehdi Salim, Attaché for Scientific and University Cooperation of French Embassy to Vietnam.

Prof. Patrick Boiron, USTH Rector gives an update presentation as well as overall report of achievements made in the recent 5 years of operation of USTH, to provide Mdm. Clélia Chevrier with a more thorough understanding of the USTH Project.

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Mdm. Clélia Chevrier also makes a tour of USTH premises, the labs and Product Lifecycle Management Competency Center (PLMCC), and meets with the staff, particularly those PhDs trained in France who are now back working as lecturers at USTH.