LUMIÈRE Prom Night

28 Dec 2016 - 28 Dec 2016

01:48 AM – 01:48 AM
The few last days of a year is always a special moment for each of us to look back at all the changes we have achieved, and to anticipate a whole different 12-month period. Thinking about the flow of time, do you wonder how much of it you have spent with your friends and family, how much of it you have spent with your own self, and how much of it you have spent with carefreeness? Is it true what people say, that at the moment when two years collide, you should be with yourself and your love ones, be there without sorrow and worry?

With the hope of creating a meaningful evening, a connection among students and the staff, USTH Student Association proudly to announce LUMIÈRE PROM NIGHT - an event opened for everyone.

 The word LUMIÈRE originated from French - the language of love. It means "the light", a bright, beautiful light. The light warms us in a lonely night, and brings us closer in the cold weather. It exists not only to show our way, but also to protect us from the darkness of the ahead road. You want the light to tell you where you're heading to, just as much as WE want this prom night to be the best way to end a year.

With LUMIÈRE Prom Night, we promise you moments of fun and laughter, time of dances and romance, foods and beverage with sweetness and a bit of the wild nights, gifts with great value and the best performances of students in and outside of USTH.

So USTH Student Association is asking you to leave all the burdens of homework and stress behind, dress as nicely as you can, grab yourself some tickets, and get ready to dance and sing and party all evening. There is no more distance among different generations of students or different departments, there is only one thing: LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG.

For more information about prom LUMIÈRE, please follow
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                            Types of tickets                                     Price
                      Single               60 000 VNĐ
                     Couple               110 000 VNĐ
                  Group of 5                250 000 VNĐ
  • Contact: 096 645 1205 ( Khánh Huyền) / 0123 478 2969 (Bách)