CVs and Job Interview Seminar

26 Jun 2016 - 30 Jun 2016

10:00 PM – 07:07 AM

The CVs and Job Interview Seminar will take place on Thursday, June 30th, 2016 at Room 802, Education and Service Building.

Please find the seminar’s agenda below: 
Time            Items                                   Speakers 
9:00 am      Opening remarks              Rector of USTH 
9:10 am       Talks with Alumni              USTH Alumni 
9:30 am       CVs correction session    CCIFV Recruitment Manager 
10:30 am     Job Interview Sharing      IBM Sales Director 
11:15 am       Job Interview Sharing      IBM HR Manager 

- CVs correction session: In this session, CCIFV Manager will help the students to prepare attractive CVs and adjust and advise to change some students’ CVs which are sent in advance to the organizer by Monday, June 27 
- Model Job Interview: After the presentation from IBM Managers, there will be model Job Interview between Students and Employers. Students who wish to participate in this session should send their CVs to the organizer by Monday, June 27 
- Free coffee break available. 
- Panasonic HR Executive will be the guest of the seminar, participating the seminar and may have some sharing if the all sessions of the seminars ends sooner than planned. 
To registration for the seminar, please go to: 
For more details, please review in the attached file or contact: Ms. Nguyen Hong Ly – Room 806, Education and Service Building or by email at: 

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