Message from Rector

Principal Rector

Dear All,
On behalf of the Rector Board and the whole USTH community, I would like to extend to you the warmest welcome at the University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH).
USTH is the first public university of excellence in Vietnam established within the framework of the Intergovernmental Agreement between Vietnam and France. Our mission is to provide high quality human resources in science and technology, responding to the rising demand of Vietnam’s labor market in the context of international economic integration.
With an ambition to bring the world’s advanced science and technology to Vietnamese students’ doorstep, USTH has adopted the European higher education model and standard into our training system. 
We offer French accredited programs and degrees and an international learning environment, with all courses taught in English by dedicated professors from Vietnam, France and other countries. Furthermore, USTH strongly encourages academic and internship mobility with French language courses and privileged access to more than forty French Universities and Institutes committed to collaborate for Vietnam's socio economic development. Through innovative training, based on the close linkage with industry and high level of practice in modernly-equipped laboratories, we equip students with expertise, skills and a global mindset to succeed in any multicultural working environment in Vietnam or abroad.
As in research, we cooperate with partners in France and other countries to develop international joint laboratories and research groups where domestic and foreign researchers, scientists and students join forces to deliver high quality research projects to address global issues. As a recognition of our efforts, we are proud to have been ranked in the Top 10 leading Vietnamese universities and research institutes in the number of high quality international publications by Nature Index for 3 consecutive years.
With the tremendous support from the Government of Vietnam, the Government of France, Ministry of Education and Training, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology and the Consortium of French universities and research institutes, USTH has accomplished many significant achievements and we take pride in being the symbol for the fruitful cooperation in education, research and technology transfer between the two countries.
For all these reasons, I am confident that USTH is a promising and vibrant institution for education, research and innovation. Partners from academia, industry, and society, are always welcomed to collaborate with us in education and research activities to help us to  accomplish our ultimate goal to become an excellent research-oriented university in Vietnam, reaching the regional and international standards.
I strongly believe that  international companies, national companies and start-ups can find at USTH a workforce that could be custom-trained on areas of interest and opportunities to implement as well as test new products and innovations through win-win collaborations. Joining hands with USTH, international groups will also benefit from opening new markets through a partnership in Vietnam. Big Vietnamese and French companies like Dassault System, Airbus and Vietnam Airlines have already chosen USTH for investing for the future.

Last but not least, I look forward to the continued trust and support from the actors of USTH’s achievements, including students and alumni, to make even stronger steps of development in the years to come.
With warm regards,
Prof. Etienne Saur
Principal Rector of USTH