The USTH Consortium gathers about 40 leading French universities and research institutes, among them the most prestigious research organizations  and universities of France, for example National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse, University of Lyon 1, University of Paris Saclay, University of Montpellier, French National Centre for Space Studies, the Paris Observatory, the French Institute of Research for Development… USTH Consortium constantly supports training and scientific research activities at USTH, contributing to make USTH the ideal environment for nurturing the passion for science of Vietnamese young generation. Furthermore, the Consortium also helps to connect the Vietnamese students studying and doing research in several French cities.

In detail, USTH Consortium carried out the actions:

- In France: Manage the network of Vietnamese PhD students working in French laboratories.

- In Vietnam:

  • Participate in the development of training programs at USTH.
  • Send lecturers and researchers to USTH to participate in training and research activities. 
  • Co-accredit the Master Degrees with USTH 

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List of French universities and research institutes in USTH Consortium