Training program

Training period

1. PhD students are trained on the basis of a full time training program at USTH laboratories and/ or at laboratories cooperating with USTH.
2. Training period of 03 years for PhD student possessing a Master diploma
3. Training period of 04 years for PhD student possessing a Bachelor diploma.

Management of PhD candidates

Once the enrollement process of new recruited student is completed, DoS requests the Student Services Department to issue the 1st student card (Hereafter, PhD student is refered as PhD candidate). Enrollment is annually renewable and subjected to the approval of suppervisor(s) and the completion of annual duties assigned to PhD candidates (completion of PhD training modules, presentation at DoS Doctoral day, etc).

Training program

1. The training program consists in 06 semesters corresponding to 36 months (for candidate holding a Master diploma) and 08 semesters corresponding to 48 months (for candidate holding a Bachelor diploma) counting from the date of issuance of the admission letter by USTH rector to each PhD student.

2. Training program consists in 180 ECTS, including:

(i) 04 ECTS of common courses: Selected among following available courses: Research method (02 ECTS), scientific writing (02 ECTS), History of natural sciences (02 ECTS), intellectual property and rights (02 ECTS).

(ii) 15 ECTS of specialized courses (05 modules) at PhD training level (Thus, excluding the Master courses that each PhD candidate should follow in parallel as per request of his/her admission jury).

These specialized courses are developed by the Departments involved in the doctoral training program. These courses are delivered by qualified scientists of the revelvant Departments.

Each PhD candidate should select 03 courses in the field of his/her PhD research topic and 02 courses in relevant field(s). A PhD candidate can valid elective courses through other academic activities, e.g. Oral presentation at USTH Doctoral Day (0.5 ECTS), Oral presentation at a national conference (0.5 ECTS), Oral presentation at International conference (1.0 ECTS) etc.

(iii) 150 ECTS of PhD thesis.

3. Student should complete at least 75% of training courses (excepting the PhD thesis) within the first 02 years of training.

Conducting PhD thesis research

PhD thesis work represents the most important part of the PhD training program at USTH-DoS. The thesis is the major factor for the evaluation of candidate in order to award the USTH PhD diploma.

During the training program, depending on the progress of the research project, supervisor(s) and PhD students decide appropriate period(s) to conduct research at USTH research laboratory, a USTH associated laboratory (e.g. LMI Rice), a USTH consortium laboratory and/or at a laboratory that has signed MOU with USTH given that at least haft of total research period should be at USTH research laboratory and/or USTH associated laboratory in Vietnam.