Rights and duties of doctoral students

Duties of PhD candidate

1. During the regular and extended training time (if any), the PhD candidate works full time within the research group led by the supervisor(s) and/ or mentor as a research assistant.

2. The PhD candidate should fully integrate in the academic life of the host laboratory/ institute/ department (e.g. involve in appropriate meeting/ discussion/ exchange/ seminar etc).

3. The PhD candidate should fully follow regulations applied by USTH-DoS (e.g. full payment tuition fee on time, completing all common and PhD training courses within the first 02 years of the regular training time allowed, attending and presenting PhD research work at annual USTH-DoS doctoral day as it is compulsory etc)

4. At the start of each academic year, PhD candidates should submit a progress report with the approval of supervisor(s) and mentor to USTH-DoS. This progress report together with the evaluation form separately submitted by supervisor(s) is a critical element for evaluation for the yearly validation, scholarship, financial support etc.

5. PhD students should be ready to reply/ explain to requirements demanded by the Supervisor(s), mentor, USTH-DoS council, Midterm evaluation committee and PhD thesis jury regarding any features of the PhD training program, of PhD research work and PhD thesis.       

6. A PhD candidate is not allowed to contact with any member of the PhD thesis jury, under any form of communication, prior to the thesis defence day.