Mid-term evaluation

1. The academic progress of the candidate (e.g. completion of supplementary courses at Master level, PhD training common courses, PhD specialized courses, English capability in communication and in scientific work) and progress of PhD research project is evaluated after the first half of the regular training time.

2. On the basis of a proposal made by supervisor(s) and candidate, the USTH-DoS council creates a committee to be in charge of the evaluation. The midterm evaluation committee should be composed of:

(i) A member of the USTH-DoS council having expertise in the field of the PhD research topic (Committee chair).

(ii) Two scientists from the concerned departments where the research is conducted and/or where the candidate integrates academically.

(iii) Supervisor(s) of the PhD research work.

3. The committee evaluates, offers ideas/ discussion and suggests appropriate changes (if any) to be made in order to advance in the PhD research project. 

4. The committee approves for the change of PhD research topic and/ or supervisor(s) as per request of supervisor(s) and the candidate. If not, the committee approves the midterm results.

5. After the midterm evaluation and no later than 06 months before the end of the regular PhD training time, and on the basis of a written request by the candidate and his/her supervisor(s), the committee re-evaluates the thesis work that has been completed and decides whether an extension is needed or allowed. An extension of 12 months is applicable. In the case another extension is demanded by candidate and supervisor(s), the same evaluation process is applied.