Training program

The diploma is co-accredited by France and Vietnam. It is divided into 4 semesters, equivalent to 120 European Credits Transfer Units (ECTS).

This master proposes two specialties to the students: Green Electricity and Bioenergy.

The entire registered students attend the first semester. Then, they will have to choose a specialty: Green Electricity or Bioenergy for semesters 2 and 3.

The first semester gives the fundamental basis useful for all students registered in this master program to understand what they will have to learn in the specialties, for instance, the description of the challenges for every country in general and for Vietnam in particular.

Two specialties follow for S2 and S3.




Green Electricity:

In this specialty, the different green energy sources to produce electricity are analyzed: hydroelectricity, pump storage, wind power, solar energy (photovoltaic).

Lectures will be given on two other important features: How to store the electrical energy (batteries, supercapacitors, fuel cells …) and how to manage the different energy sources to feed the electrical network. The students will have also to drive a mini project on one of the possible applications in a quasi-real case.


Teaching focus on two main ways:

  • Thermal processes to transform biomass and/or industrial or domestic waste into energetic gas.
  • Biochemical processes which are also a way to produce methane and other energetic compounds. Besides the basic biology and chemistry involved in these processes and domestic or industrial use of bioenergy, special attention will be paid to reactor engineering which is necessary for the conception and manufacturing of efficient equipment.