French Program


1. Overview:

French language and plenty of opportunity for students

Established through an intergovernmental Vietnamese – French agreement, USTH recognizes the important role of French language for bringing students plenty of opportunity to study, research and work at France – the country has been a pioneer in a number of technological advances.
The French language program helps students acquire French proficiency to communicate with professors coming from USTH consortium in France. Also, students have chances of approaching a new culture, forming a fresh perception to adapt quickly when they do internship in France. After graduation, USTH students can master both English and French, which is one of their competitive advantages to succeed in the future.

Teaching method and high-quality lecturers

USTH uses an integrated communicative approach in teaching French that focuses on listening – speaking – reading – writing skills. Our lecturers are not only experienced in teaching French as a foreign language but enthusiastic and friendly as well. Significantly, all native French lecturers are provided to USTH by Institute of French in Vietnam (IFV), ensuring the high quality of our lecturer resources.

Training objective

For Bachelor degree, the whole program lasts for 300 hours in order to help students reach DELF A2 level and communicate effectively in French when graduation.
For Master degree, there are two separate 100-hour-programs: the low-level program for beginners aiming to DELF A1 level and the high-level program for those who have graduated from USTH Undergraduate school aiming to maintain DELF B1 level.

Program objective


2. Courses:

a. Bachelor program:

b. Master program:
Program details – Master


3. Regulations & Form:



(Applied for Bachelor and Master Degree)

The following cases shall be eligible for exemption from the whole French language program and final tests if they meet requirements in an assessment (organized at the beginning of each course). Their average scores will be maximum number of points:

1/ Having nationality of a French-speaking country

2/ Holding DELF certificate at B2 level

3/ Holding TCF certificate at 400 points upwards which is valid during the course(s)

4/ Holding Bachelor degree in French language

5/ Completing the 12-year-French bilingual system

The following cases shall be eligible for exemption from French language course in 2nd year, yet they must take final tests for average score if they meet requirements in an assessment (organized at the beginning of each course):

1/ Holding DELF certificate at A2 or B1 level

2/ Holding TCF certificate from 200 points to 399 points which is valid during the course.

To be granted exemption, students are required to submit the followings to Foreign Languages department: 

- Request letter for exemption

- Notarized copy of related documents.