Dr. Tran Dinh Phong, nominated for ASPIRE Prize 2017

Monday - 19/06/2017 00:49

USTH is proud to have Dr. Tran Dinh Phong, Co-director of AMSN Department in the list of the top 17 nominees celebrated the 2017 ASPIRE.
The APEC Science Prize for Innovation, Research and Education (“ASPIRE”) is an annual award sponsored by Wiley which recognizes young scientists who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in scientific research and collaboration with scientists in the region.
These young scientists nominated by the 17 APEC economies have impressive backgrounds and research in a wide range of disciplines that contribute to the ASPIRE theme of new material technologies. The ASPIRE prize aims to enhance the science and technology international networks; enhance economic growth; trade opportunity and stabilized opportunity through policies, research and innovation, knowledge sharing and to promote the connection between research and innovation.

The ASPIRE 2017 topic is about the “advance materials technology”, focus on advanced materials to promote innovation in science.

Dr. Tran Dinh Phong in the list of the top 17 nominees

Dr. Tran Dinh Phong is the corresponding author of 37 papers including Nature Materials, Nature Chemistry, Angewandte Chimie International Edition, Energy & Environmental Sciences, ACS Nano with total over 1700 citations. H index = 18.
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