Welcome Prof. Jean-Marc LAVEST, New Principal Rector to USTH

Thursday - 30/09/2021 23:54

Prof. Jean-Marc LAVEST, former Regional Director of AUF-Asia Pacific, has been appointed as the Principal Rector of USTH since October 1, 2021.

Prof. Jean-Marc LAVEST graduated from the Electrical Engineering program and obtained his Ph.D. in Artificial Vision at University of Clermont-Ferrand, France.

As an experienced leader, Prof. Jean-Marc LAVEST has many years working at managing positions at prestigious universities and organizations in France and abroad. He has held the positions of Vice-President of Auvergne University, Executive Director of  Technical College of Auvergne University, Executive Director of French Institute of Advanced Mechanics,  Rector of French University in Armenia (UFAR), and Regional Director of AUF-Asia Pacific. 


tân hiệu trưởng chính

Furthermore, Prof. Jean-Marc LAVEST is also an expert in computer sciences and robotics with hundreds of published scientific articles, 6 patents, and co-creating 2 startups.

With his unwavering dedication and contribution to the higher education and research of France, throughout his career, Prof. Jean-Marc LAVEST has been awarded many noble titles, including the French National Order of Merit and the Order of French Academic Palms. During the 5 years leading UFAR, he was awarded the Medal of Honor by the Government of the Republic of Armenia.

Prof. Jean-Marc LAVEST has been selected by the French Government and Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology from many excellent candidates for the position of Principal Rector to lead and work closely with the Management Board, lecturers, researchers in the new important development phase of the University - the phase of sustainable development and expansion.

Congratulations to Prof. Jean-Marc LAVEST. USTH believes that under the leadership of Prof. Jean-Marc LAVEST and the Management Board, along with the efforts of all staff, lecturers, researchers, and students, USTH will continue to make strong advancements in training, international cooperation, and scientific research, firmly heading towards the goal of becoming an excellent world-class university as expected by the Vietnamese and French governments.