Various seminars held by USTH in December

Thursday - 10/12/2015 04:58

Research and innovation is an important part in USTH's scope of activity, and its international labs and joint labs have been implementing various projects, with numerous workshops and seminars held. Particularly, on December 13, the seminar "From the lab to the home" will be held at USTH, focusing on what's going on in the plant field mainly for rice improvement to face the climatic changes, emphasizing research ongoing at USTH; and an education program for positive behavior change to help protect the environment, specifically urban gardening on the rooftop for city dwellers.
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From 13:00 on December 16, PLMCC Center will join with Dassault Systemes from France and NSV Company of Vietnam to organise a workshop entitled "Technology for Innovation".
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Concurrently, "Investing in Clean Energy in Vietnam after COP 21" is another seminar held by CleanED lab of USTH from December 16-18 at French Institute, No.24 Tràng Tiền, focusing on clean energy, especially in hindsight of COP21 which is ongoing in Paris.