USTH to organise seminar on

Tuesday - 01/03/2016 02:34

A seminar entitled "Radar Remote sensing: Evolution since ERS 1991 (C band VV polar) until today with full polarimetric sensors (in C and L band) - What prospects for 2020?" will be organized at 6pm, Monday, 7/3/2016 at Room 612 (Space Laboratory). In this presentation devoted to radar remote sensing, the speaker, Prof. Jean Paul Rudant from Université de Paris-est-marne-la-vallee will discuss successively with the audience about the following topics: - the first continentals results obtained with SAR-ERS (bandC, polarVV) launched in 1991 with various applications (bare soils,  coastal zones, geomorphology and geology, forestry, interferometry for elevation and surface displacements….) - the interest (in 1992) of synergistic use with JERS images (bandL, polarHH), - the first polarimetric results with ASAR-ENVISATin 2000 - the new context in 2007 with the launch of full polarimetric sensors in C and L band and the very high spatial resolution in X band. - brief overview of the future sensor capabilities BIOMASS whose launch is expected in 2018-2020.