USTH Summer Vibe 2015 successfully held

Monday - 03/08/2015 23:54

The 1-week Summer Vibe volunteer trip of USTH was recently conducted in Vat Lai commune of Ba Vi district in the outskirts of Hanoi. Young students of USTH paid a solemn visit to the local martyrs' cemetery on July 27:
20150726 194712 LLS 768x1024
Visiting the local banian tree in memory of Uncle Ho was also part of the USTH students' activities:
IMG 1923 1024x768
Many other different activities were carried out in the poor commune of Vat Lai, such as cleaning of the local school and its rooms and all the lanes, work in the field and vegetable garden, games for the kids, film show at the communal house for locals...
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Much welcome and supported by the local people, while at the same time sharing with one another the energy of the youth and growing connections, USTH volunteers have been much motivated and wish to get further involved in USTH's future social activities.
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Nguyen Tram Anh, a Gen-5 student revealed: "USTH Summer Vibe 2015 was in deed a memorable and useful summer for me in that I made new friends with USTH fellows, I learnt new things and I got unforgettable memories. After this volunteer trip, I realized that I got more than I gave and I did grow up. I want to say thanks to USTH Summer Vibe and USTH as a whole, as well as to the other members of the volunteer who gave me a trip that I will never forget!"