USTH successfully organized the Internship Day 2019

Thursday - 17/01/2019 23:27

On January 10th, 2019, the University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH) has successfully organized the Internship Day 2019, which drew the participation of many representatives from universities, companies, research institutes and nearly 200 students and parents.


The event was attended by Assoc. Prof. Dinh Thi Mai Thanh, Acting Rector of USTH; Dr. Nguyen Hai Dang, Vice Rector; Mr. Tran Tri Dung, HR Deputy Director of Vietnam Airlines; Prof Chi Ying Huang, Yang-Ming National University (Taiwan); Prof. Guillaume Patanchon, University of Paris Diderot (France); Dr. Can Van Mao, 103 Military Hospital; as well as representatives of 10 companies, universities and nearly 200 students and parents.

USTH Internship Day
Mr. Tran Tri Dung, HR Deputy Director of Vietnam Airlines

Internships, especially international internships have been considered as a speciality in USTH training program. In the past 5 years, 50% of USTH students got an internship abroad in multiple countries such as France, Germany, Sweden, Czech Republic, Canada, Australia, Japan and Korea. In particular, among them, 75% are paid, which proves the quality of USTH’s training.  


Therefore, the Internship Day organized by USTH aims to provide students and parents with useful information related to the intern period. The event became more meaningful when it took place right before the internship of USTH senior students, equipping them necessary knowledge and skills for the upcoming “adventure”.

USTH internship day

During the opening speech, Dr. Nguyen Hai Dang, USTH Vice Rector expressed his hope that through the Internship Day, USTH would promote and expand the collaboration with partners in Vietnam and abroad, thus bring more internship opportunities and career prospects for the students.

USTH internship day
Dr. Nguyen Hai Dang expressed her hope that the event would become a bridge between USTH, companies and students

Attending the event, students were instructed in detail what to do before, during and after the internship, interview skills or how to prepare administrative procedures. In addition, USTH alumni also attended the event to share their experiences and memorable stories from their foreign internships. Especially, with the presence of representatives from many companies and businesses such as Vietnam Airlines, Topica, Vmodev, 103 Military Hospital and NAL Vietnam JSC, USTH students had the opportunity to participate in face-to-face interviews and apply for an internship position right at the event.

USTH Internship day
Cao Tran Bich Ngoc, senior student from the Department of Pharmacological, Medical and Agronomical Biotechnology shared her tips to find an international internship


USTH internship day
USTH students attended face-to-face interiews with recruiters from MQ ICT Solutions at the event 

Furthermore, students having passion for research also found useful information at the Internship Day. Professors and scientists from prestigious universities and research institutions such as Paris Diderot University, Yang-Ming National University, Institute of Research for Development gave students advices on how to identify the field of research and internship topic, which made the internship valuable for their future research and career path. Not only for senior students, the information also seemed important for first-year and second-year students, helping them to find their research orientation, from which they can plan personal profiles.

USTH internship day
Prof. Chi Ying Huang, Yang-Ming National University shared his thoughts at the event
USTH Internship day
Dr. Can Van Mao (103 Military Hospital) and Prof. Francois Sabot (Institute of Research for Development, France) gave students useful advices for their internship

One of the parents attending the event, Mrs Dang Bich Thuy expressed her strong impression about the Internship Day: “The event helped me to clear up my concerns about the upcoming internship of my son, especially when he chose to become intern in an international organization. I really hope that USTH will continue to organize such interesting and meaningful events like the Internship Day, so that parents can get a better understanding of their children’s university life. ”


On the occasion of the event, Prof. Nguyen Hai Dang also awarded USTH Scholarship for an internship in France, for 12 excellent students in the academic year 2018-2019. The USTH Scholarship for internship, with the value up to 40.000.000 VND, aims to support USTH students during their intern period in French universities, companies and research institutes.

USTH internship day
Prof. Nguyen Hai Dang awarded USTH Scholarship for 12 excellent students in the academic year 2018-2019

List of 12 USTH students who received the scholarship this year:

1. Cao Tran Bich Ngoc - Bachelor student in Pharmacological, Medical and Agronomical Biotechnology

2. Le Huy Duc - Bachelor student in Information and Communication Technology

3. Nguyen Thi Hong Van - Bachelor student in Advanced Materials Science and Nanotechnology

4. Nguyen Tuan Anh - Bachelor student in Medical Science and Technology

5. Ngo Duy Tung - Bachelor student in Space and Applications

6. Nguyen Quyen Anh - Bachelor student in Energy

7. Nguyen Vu Son - Master student in Water-Environment-Oceanography

8. Le Hong Hanh - Master student in Water-Environment-Oceanography

9. Vu Phan Viet Hoa - Master student in Spaces

10. Nguyen Dieu Linh - Master student in Medical biotechnology - Plant biotechnology - Pharmacology

11. Le Thi Khanh Huyen - Master student in Medical biotechnology - Plant biotechnology - Pharmacology

12. Duong Minh Tuan - Master student in Advanced Materials Science and Nanotechnology

Some photos at the event:

USTH internship day


USTH internship day


USTH internship day