USTH students and teachers show their talents at Astralis

Sunday - 19/11/2017 21:54

On 15th November 2017 in order to celebrate Vietnamese Teacher's Day students, lecturers  and other USTH staff brought a variety of performances to a talent competition, namely Astralis. 

With the message "Let your talent shine like stars in the sky", the talent competition, namely Astralis is an opportunity for students, lecturers and  staff of University of Science and Technology of Hanoi - USTH (also called Vietnam France University) staff to show their hidden talents in the filed of music, dance and drama. 
Prof. Patrick Boiron - Rector of USTH spoke at Astralis
Before the competition, USTH co-operated with Student Association to express their appreciation for their lecturers' contribution in the field of education and training. Prof. Patrick Boiron - Rector of USTH said he is very happy that Vietnam has a special day for students to show their respect, reverence and honour for the lecturers who contributed widely for the overall development of student’s personality, skills and knowledge. According to Prof. Patrick Boiron, transfer of knowledge and skills is a bilateral procedure. Sometimes we learn new things from students and lecturers. Being an international public university, teaching staff at USTH are from different nations. Therefore, Teacher's Day at USTH is to honor not only Vietnamese lecturers but also for foreign lecturers who were willing to travel a long distance to come and teach students in Vietnam. 

On behalf of 600 USTH students in totals, Pham Le Minh sent his gratutude and best wishes to lecturers at USTH. 
IMG 9450
Pham Le Minh - Student representative spoke at Astralis
The Jury included familiar faces from the Rectorate Board, such as Prof. Patrick Boiron - Rector, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dinh Thi Mai Thanh and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ngo Duc Thanh - Vice Rector, Mr. Gerard Gasquet - Director of Administration, Prof. Bernard Legube - Chairman of USTH Consortium and Prof. Jean - Luc Clément - Adviser on higher education and  research affairs, Office for European and international relations and cooperation, French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation

There was also the presence of some special guests: Music composer Nguyen Vinh Tien, the author of some famous songs and Au Nguyen Thanh Nguyen - a singer from Sao Mai 2013.

Eight performances are eight different colours, leaving audiences with different emotions. The competition opens with by the mash up of four songs, namely, Lost Stars, Photograph, It's time and We are young of Gen 8 students. A vivid performance acted like a wake up call. 
IMG 9476
Gen 8 students performed a mash up song 

Ms. Mai Thanh Hien - Assistant to Advanced Materials Science and Nanotechnology brought the audiences to summer days with the song "Em ve tinh khoi". 
IMG 9492
Mai Thanh Hien - Assistant to Advanced Materials Science and Nanotechnology sang at Astralis
Her song was followed by a comedy, namely "Thinh khong thom", performed by lecturers and students from Water - Environment - Oceanography (WEO) and Advanced Materials Science and Nanotechnology Department (Nano) Department. 
Lecturers from WEO and Nano Department performed at Astralis
Students and lecturers from Master of Biotechnology - Pharmacology (BP) performed the famous song" On ecrit sur les murs" in French. 
IMG 0797 (1)
Lecturers and students from BP Department received "Second Prize"
Male students from Information and Communication Technology Department (ICT) performed a mash up of three songs with instruments. 
IMG 0101
Male students from ICT Department received Second Prize

Later Space and Energy lecturers and students played in a comedy, namely "Duyen" and received the Third Prize.
IMG 0106
Lecturers and students from Energy and Space Department received flowers from the audience
A team of USTH lectures and administrative staff then performed the well-known American song "When you say you love me". 
Finally lecturers and teachers from Food Science and Technology and Medical Science and Technology Department teamed up to perform a comedy, named after a folk tale and won the First Prize. 
IMG 0118
Food Science and Technology and Medical Science and Technology lecturers and students won the First Prize

Astralis is expected to leave USTH students, teachers and staff with a beautiful memory. USTH wishes all lecturers a Happy Teacher's Day. Your time, effort and hard work is appreciated. 
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