USTH Space Day 2019 attracted more than 200 attendees

Tuesday - 18/06/2019 22:55

On June 14, University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH, Vietnam France University) successfully held the 2019 USTH Space Day, which attracted the participation of more than 200 students, parents and astrophysics lovers in Hanoi.

Space Day is an annual event organized by Department of Space and Applications with the keynote speakers who are scientists from leading research institutes in the field of remote sensing and space science, as well as members from many astronomy clubs.

The 2019 Space Day with the theme "Sky and Telescope" was inspired by the historic moment of astrophysics when the first-ever image of a black hole was released, uncovering one of the greatest mysteries of space science until now.
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USTH Space Day 2019 attracted more than 200 attendees

The event included 2 public talks  on black holes and principles of telescopes; introduction of the largest amateur telescope in the North of Vietnam; as well as observing the Moon and Jupiter through telescopes.

At the event, students and attendees excitedly exchanged with Dr. Pham Tuan Anh, astrophysicist, author and co-author of dozens of international publications, who is currently working at the Vietnam National Space Center, about his presentation on black holes and latest related discoveries.
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Dr. Pham Tuan Anh - Vietnam National Space Center - introduced basic knowledge of black holes

The presentation brought interesting information about the existing evidence of black holes, how to detect and measure black holes, and the role of black holes in the formation and evolution of stars and galaxies as well. Especially, Dr. Pham Tuan Anh also introduced the first photograph of the shadow of a black hole and the effort of the team of scientists to capture it, while giving open questions about the study of this mysterious phenomenon.

Besides, through the presentation of Dr. Phan Hien. - Department of Space and Applications (USTH)  astrophysical lovers also discovered the history of the telescope and how to operate and classify popular telescopes.

The highlight of USTH Space Day 2019 is the experience of observing the Moon directly from different telescopes, especially through the largest home-made telescope in the North, with a diameter of up to 12.5 inches (317mm), of the Hanoi Astronomical Society (HAS). Mr. Pham Chuong, a member of Hanoi Amateur Astronomical Society, the creator of this telescope asserted: “The maximum magnification of this telescope is up to 600 times, while that of a normal universal telescope is only 200 times. Thanks to that, you can easily observe and capture impact craters on the Moon, Saturn belt and cloud stripes on Jupiter ... in a sharp and detailed way.”
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Student and children were excited observing the Moon through different kinds of telescope

Assoc.Prof. Ngo Duc Thanh, Co-Director of the Department of Space and Applications, shared: "We will make USTH Space Day an annual event for young people, to provide them with the basic and latest knowledge in the field of space in Vietnam and around the world ".

In the future, USTH and the Department of Space and Applications plan to regularly organize other community events, especially STEM activities for high school students, in order to nurture the passion for science of young people and spread the beauty of space science to the public.
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