USTH signs agreements with John von Neumann Institute and Le Quy Don Technical University

Wednesday - 04/05/2016 03:02

An Academic Co-operation Agreement was signed between USTH and John von Neumann Institute of Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City on April 29, 2016. The purpose of the Agreement is to transfer the John von Neumann Institute's Master Program in Quantitative Computational Finance (QCF) as a part of USTH’s education programs, starting from the academic year 2016-2017. The two parties will co-operate on the exchange of students, researchers and faculty members; the transfer of the curriculum; the exchange of scientific and scholarly publications; the joint organisation of symposia, seminars and conferences as well as the development of taught programs, joint research programmes and projects. DSC02221 1024x577 In another similar development, USTH and Le Quy Don Technical University signed an MoU this morning for establishing cooperation in science, research and human resource education with respect of academic programs of all kinds. n 1024x639 Specifically, USTH and Le Quy Don Technical University will exchange lecturers for the selected subjects and research fields, especially in aeronautics, space science and aerospace technology; share laboratory facilities for student internships in mechanics, robotics and space science and satellite technology; jointly implement non-degree education/training courses (including training in CATIA by Product Lifecycle Management Competency Centre (PLMCC Centre); develop collaborative research projects on the field of space science, aeronautics and satellite engineering with the partnership expanded also to other departments of USTH like Information and Communication Technology and Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, including the USTH’s French consortium scientists; exchange selected elite student groups from Faculty of Aerospace of Le Quy Don Technical University civil program for English and for general subjects at USTH, especially for the credit winning first year Bachelor students; co-supervise PhD students; and organize joint student activities: clubs, seminars, orientation talks, cultural and scientific competitions... DSC02259 1024x575