USTH organizes Orientation Week for freshmen of 2015-2016 school-year

Monday - 21/09/2015 01:42

The Orientation Week starts today, September 21, with an aim of helping the new students really feel home at USTH where they will start a new life of training and research. Making the welcome speech at the opening ceremony, Prof. Patrick Boiron, USTH Rector confirms: "USTH is an international public university of excellence, which means that students will have a chance to study in an international environment, instructed by the best international and national professors and lecturers, while at the same time will be eligible to practice and internship in labs and institutions both at home and abroad. Students however will need to work real hard at USTH to explore their learning journey here which is full of promises and challenges. USTH will strongly support you by all means, not only in your first year, but in your entire stay here and beyond. USTH urges you all to make the utmost efforts, since USTH is your learning institution in deed!" Prof. Nguyễn Văn Hùng, Vice Rector also presents an overview of USTH, to provide students with more specific details about their study here, thus to outline their own plan for personal and professional development.
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USTH has a great honor to welcome Prof., Academician Nguyễn Văn Hiệu who comes to meet with the students and gives the first lecture about Modern Physics. Prof. Hiệu emphasizes: "No other universities in Vietnam have the same advantages that USTH does. Here students study the advanced sciences and have all the necessary conditions to develop!"
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