Monday - 07/03/2016 21:24

"ENERGY MANAGEMENT IN BUILDING" seminar will be held at Room 811, USTH building, from 9:00 – 11:30, this Friday, March 11. The key speaker in the seminar is Asso. Prof. DELINCHANT Benoit, from Grenoble - France. Abstract: In the context of doubling energy use worldwide by 2030, with 80% remaining carbon energy, and in which buildings account for more than 40% of the total energy consumption, it is appropriate that buildings contribute "intelligently" to reduce consumption, contribute to the increase of renewable energy production and become a key node of the energy grid related to energy and transport in eco-cities. The specific French context will be presented. Moreover, these “smart buildings” will be in the near future aggregating a huge amount of data through numerous sensors. They will be connected to the neighborhood, to the city and to the territory. Big data analytics and cloud computing will bring new services to inhabitant and citizen. Our smart building research platform "Predis MHI" will be presented. It is located in GreEn-ER, which is a new building in the center of the eco-city in Grenoble and it has been designed with many “green” ideas and is a “living lab” supporting research and teaching in the field of sustainability. We will focus on the energy management researches, based on modelling in order to take into account multi-physical systems, and complexity of occupant’s behavior, and based on optimization technics in order to reduce consumption while increasing comfort.