USTH organises Open Day in HCM city

Tuesday - 21/07/2015 02:31

Ngay Hoi Tuyen Sinh HCM
On July 16, 2015, University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH) organized Open day 2015 at IDECAF, 31 Thai Van Lung, HCM City. The event fully introduced the training programs of Bachelors, Masters and PhD, as well as career and scholarships opportunities to all the students and parents coming from HCM City and Sourthern provinces of Vietnam. Tran Ngoc Ngan, a student from Can Tho, had catch the early bus to HCM City despite the heavy raining season, acknowledged that the event was indeed useful as she had never heard of the university. At the event there were 3 students signed up for direct admission interview with Prof. Binh and jury members, in which 2 of them were conditionally accepted, meaning that they would need to attend intensive English summer course. During the interview, student- Ngo Van Duoc originated from Tay Ninh, displayed his passion for science and technology, especially for Space and Application. He described as he went through many hardships and obstacles due to financial difficulty, his determination and motivation had driven him forward. As this fellow wrote on his essay: “With all the power and strong enthusiasm of my younger age, I always want to go as far as I can to discover new horizons”; yet, USTH is proud to welcome him on board and to be a footstone contributing to his success. Below are some photos of the event with a special thank to Mr. Alexis LY, Campus France and Madam Nguyen Ngoc Lan, Idecaf with their major supports in spreading the words of the event.  
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