USTH Open Day 2016 a great attraction to parents and high-school students

Monday - 04/04/2016 00:07

Today, April 2, USTH organizes the Open Day 2016, which is aimed at providing the most update and accurate information on Bachelor admission of 2016-2017 school-year. The event attracts a large number of high school students and their parents, who are interested in the new model training of USTH, and are about to make a decision to submit their application. TS 3 2138 1024x667 Prof. Patrick Boiron, USTH Rector gives the opening speech, which is followed by a general presentation of USTH's Bachelor training, given by Vice Rector, Prof. Nguyễn Văn Hùng: TS 7 2130 1024x713   TS 4 2146 1024x691 Prof. Radjesvarane Alexandre, Director of USTH's Research Innovation and Technology Transfer also gives a highlight of the main research strategies and activities at USTH, which makes the Vietnam France University stand out from many other universities in Vietnam. TS 5 2162 1024x685 Post graduation career opportunities is the topic of the presentation made by Prof. Lê Trần Bình, Vice Rector of USTH, who gives very direct and clear explanation to parents and students as to how USTH graduates differ from others, and how better the chances they have holding the diploma accredited by USTH: TS 6 2172 1024x670 Many high-school students from Hanoi and neighboring provinces and their parents join the Open Day, make a lot of questions, and visit the classrooms, library and different labs of USTH afterwards. TS 1a 2109 1024x663