USTH Open Day 2015 in Hanoi

Tuesday - 14/07/2015 03:03

June 13, 2015, University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH) organizes USTH Open day 2015 with the participation of the Management Board , lecturers, representatives of departments, parents and students...

The event fully introduced the training programs of Bachelors, Masters and PhD, as well as career and scholarships opportunities to all the students and parents.

Especially, the event offered the parents and the students an opportunity to directly interview with the Management board about many topics such as admission policy, internships, English summer courses....

In the opening speech, Professor Patrick Boiron - Rector of USTH declares that what makes USTH (new model of university of excellence) different from other public universities is its new teaching method, advanced curriculum in English, many practicals in laboratories and highly prestigious international lecturers. With these factors, he believes that students at USTH are well-prepared themselves for their future, their career and education path.

Below are some photos of the event

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8 580x385 Parents and students visiting the laboratories

10 580x385Parents and students visiting the laboratories

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