USTH- Host of laboratory skill assessment of the 6th ASEAN +3 Junior Science Odyssey

Monday - 10/07/2017 03:33

USTH is honored to be selected to be the host of laboratory skill assessment of the 6th ASEAN Plus Three Junior Science Odyssey (APT JSO – 6). The event carries the theme “Renewable energy for life”

The event “ASEAN Plus Three Junior Science Odyssey (APT JSO – 6) is set on 10 – 15th July 2017 in Hanoi and carries the theme “Renewable energy for life”. The event is organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam. This event is an annual competition designed to specifically develop gifted and talented students aged between 13 to 15 years in the field of science and technology and to nurture future scientists and engineers. Students are given a great opportunity to improve teamwork and presentation skills.

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The APT JSO – 6 aims to create an environment in which students from ASEAN – member countries can freely share and discuss ideas and experiences with regards to scientific research and thus strengthen their creativity and research capability. This event is an support to the search for human resources in science and technology in ASEAN and partner countries.

The competition this year consists of 13 participating nations, including 9 ASEAN countries, China, Korea and Swede and Taiwan as guest countries with a total number of up to 120 students. 

USTH is proud to host the practical experiments and education conference for the APT JSO – 6. USTH’s lecturers, holding Doctor Degrees from the universities in France, having international experiences in teaching and research will be the examiners of the competition including:



Dr. Nguyen Trinh Hoang Anh


Examiner of the Poster competition

Examiner of Renewable Energy competition  

Dr. Tran Dinh Phong

Examiner of laboratory skill assessment in Chemistry competition

Dr. To Mai Huong  

Examiner of laboratory skill assessment in Biology competition  


APT JSO events took place in the past:


Host country


APT JSO – 1, 2012


Science and the Dynamics of Tropical Rainforest

APT JSO – 2, 2013


Science Research on Seaboard and Wetland

APT JSO – 3, 2014


Innovative Agriculture for Global Sustainability.

APT JSO – 4, 2015


Biodiversity towards Innovative, Smart & Green Society

APT JSO – 5, 2016


Climate change and the Rainforest

APT JSO – 6, 2017


Renewable Energy for Life


For full information about the APT JSO – 6, please visit:  HERE