USTH encourages scientific talent at Hoang Van Thu gifted high school

Monday - 02/04/2018 05:06

USTH attended the Scientific Performance Contest of Hoang Van Thu gifted high school in Hoa Binh province as a guest of honor and a sponsor for the high school scientific talents in the province.

 The contest had been organized by the teachers of the departments such as Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science and Technology in November 2017. This is an interesting scientific playground to stimulate creativity among teachers and students to combine theory and practice. Besides, this is the chance for the students to show off their passion for science and explore the scientific innovation.

Thí nghiệm tên lửa của các học sinh trường THPT chuyên Hoàng Văn Thụ
The rocket experiments of the students

There were 129 experiments in the contest, which came from 100 groups of 42 classes at the high school.

On April 1st, 2018, five months after kick-off, the finalist occurred, then the award ceremony immediately took place. Apart from a number of students at Hoang Van Thu gifted high school, there were some officials of Department of Training and Education of Hoa Binh province, and the representatives of high schools and secondary schools in Hoa Binh provinces, and the representatives of USTH.

Rainbow bubble experiment

The competition teams presented many fascinating experiments such as water rocket, artificial clouds, rainbow bubbles, which received the much positive response from the teachers and students. On the day, 89 excellent teams were awarded and received the certificates from the organizing team.

USTH's representative awarded presents to the first-prize team

As a sponsor, USTH awarded 15 presents for 5 first-prize teams and 10 second-prize teams to arouse creativity and scientific passion in the students.

USTH's students sang in the contest

On the other hand, FabLab USTH brought 3D printers, NAO Robot, and many other innovative hand-made things such as the Led cube, and the thermostats.

NAO Robot attracted the attention of the teachers and students at the high school 
A number of students and teachers are interested in USTH's 3D printer 

The Hoang Van Thu gifted high school is one of the high schools which the USTH is having the partnership with. The two sides signed a cooperation agreement on April 17. Besides some tuition grants, USTH committed to supported scientific events and job orientation days at the high school.

Many students attended the contest

In the academic year of 2017 – 2018, six students from the Hoang Van Thu gifted high school studied at USTH. “I am happy to visit my high school. I hope that USTH and Hoang Van Thu gifted high school will organize more impressive events in the future,” Pham Hai Nam, the former student of the high school and the current USTH first-year student said.